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"The role water plays in the modern quality focused cafe is so far beyond protecting equipment.   Being a multi-roaster cafe focused on presenting some of the most vibrant, expressive coffees from roasters around the world has required a unique, flexible, and reliable filtration system.  Our need for innovative solutions to the challenges of a rarely staid program has made our partnership with Clearly Simple indispensable."

Alex Castellani - Boxcar Social

Toronto -On

Clearly Simple Water is the only partner who we recommend to our cafe customers. Dave is THE water guy. His systems are designed to fit all needs and they are constantly innovating to achieve higher standards in cafes.

Alex Yurek - Detour Coffee

Burlington, Ontario

“We recommend Clearly Simple Water’s blending RO systems to all our quality-focused consulting clients. There’s no better balance of quality and price on the market.”

Chris Capell - Montréal Coffee Academy

Montreal, Quebec

We have been using Clearly Simple’s water systems designed for coffee for over five years; they are the best.  I love how customizable the system is. It prolongs the life of my coffee equipment as it keeps the scale build up low. Clearly Simple is my go to when it comes to water.

Joe Angellotti - Lit Espresso Bar

Toronto, Ontario

We wanted to open a global top level coffee shop in Toronto, but one of our major problems opening was the quality of the tap water. The Toronto water comes from Lake Ontario, and is heavily treated to keep it safe, but leaves a series of undesirable flavours, aromas and chemicals.

After testing the water and discussing our needs, Dave from Clearly Simple Water came up with an economical tailored solution for us that was installed on time with next to no fuss.

We went for a dual system - a softener & filtration system for ice machines, glasswasher and drinking water, and a dedicated reverse osmosis water system for the coffee filter, espresso and steam units.

He also provided us with a beer tap system that provides our customers with self-serve flat or chilled carbonated water. This has been trouble-free in our operation and saved us a fortune compared with other rental systems on the market.

We opened in 2015 and apart from changing the filters occasionally, the system has been flawless.

Dave has answered any of our queries straight away, provided honest advice, and been an absolute pleasure to work with.

We are delighted to provide a further reference, and an onsite tour to anyone that wishes. Contact us at

Jimson & Momi Co-Owners - HotBlack Coffee

Toronto, Ontario

“Dependable water filtration is key to producing consistently good coffee. Dave and his team are at the forefront of water filtration in Canada and we are proud to work with his systems since day 1”

Andy Kyres

Montreal, Quebec

Clearly Simple Water Reverse Osmosis water filtration system for a coffee shop is great value for your money for a busy coffee shop. 

Guillaume Kittel

Montreal, Quebec

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